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3 Tips: How to Pick the Right Fractional Talent | By Jennifer Houston

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the way people work to change. Brands and agencies are seeing that you don’t need the big expensive office space and it might be a challenge to fill it even if you have it. Employees are saving 2-3hrs a day by not commuting in LA traffic and have proven that remote does not mean a sacrifice in quality of work. While employers are seeing potential cost savings in overhead. The need for fractional talent is also on the rise; not all jobs are 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. With more and […]

Part 3: Rebuilding the Marketing and Advertising Industry

Part 3: Rebuilding the Marketing and Advertising Industry By: Sarah Musgrove The global pandemic has created a time of uncertainty. The marketing and advertising industry has experienced vast economic strain on par with, if not more severe than, the Great Recession of 2008. For all of the college students, recent grads, and members of the marketing and advertising industry who have reached out over the last several months curious where we think the industry is headed – this Where Do We Go From Here? series is for you. Part 1 – A Brief History Lesson Part 2 – The Current […]

What I’ve Learned from Forcing Myself to Wear Pants

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.” – Lloyd Bridges in “Airplane!” We’re hearing a lot about how important it is to maintain a routine. In these crazy times, big picture thinking is what will save us, but it’s the little things that will keep us sane. For example, I’ve made a commitment to wearing pants every day between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but to me, it’s a way of tethering myself to the outside world. The immediate benefit is that I maintain […]

There is a control filp coming, are you ready?

HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE? You see a job online that you just know you qualify for. You run home, re-work your resume and cover letter, figuring out clever ways to make yourself standout. Then it’s the waiting game. Great news! You have made it to the in-person interview round. Hurry up and wait! Then it’s another 2 interviews, meeting 10’s of different department heads to make sure you are a good culture fit. Finally, if you are the “chosen one”, 8-10 weeks later, you’ll receive the offer letter. The negotiations go back and forth a few times […]

Part 2: The Current Climate of Marketing & Advertising in 2020

In Part 1 of the Where Do We Go From Here? Series we started from the beginning and explore the history of the agency model.  Next, we will explore the current climate of the marketing and advertising industry and what trends to pay attention to. Marketing & Advertising Trends During Crisis The Great Recession of 2008 is the closest thing to the current climate we can draw learnings from. Since we are still in the midst of the pandemic, we do not tons of measurable data but here are the 2 main trends I am observing given the lessons of […]

Where do we go from here? Part 1: A Brief History Lesson

Where do we go from here?  By: Sarah Musgrove Who is this series for? For all of the college students, recent grads, and members of the marketing and advertising industry who have reached out over the last six months curious to know if we would recommend they go freelance, what advice we have to offer, and where we think the industry is headed – this series is for you. In this several part series, Where do we go from here?, I will share my perspective on where the industry is headed and who should be considering freelance. Part 1 explores […]

3 Ways That Leaders Can Foster Creativity While Working Remote

By: Sarah Musgrove, Co-Founder of The Bench   With scientists and public-health experts telling us that we should only return to the office in waves, we know the workplace won’t start to look like it did in January 2020 for at least a year. This begs the question… As creative professionals, is it really necessary to be in the same room together, or can we still produce high-quality, creative work at a distance? I believe that with the right agency leadership and structure, creativity can still flourish while people work from home. Here are 3 ways to help your teams […]

Celebrating Two Years

History of The Bench By Jennifer Houston and Sarah Musgrove   How it all began. On a rainy morning in January of 2018, ex-coworkers Jennifer Houston and Sarah Musgrove met for coffee overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Hermosa Beach, California. Jenn and Sarah met four years earlier while both working for an experiential marketing agency in Los Angeles.  Throughout this meeting, both Houston and Musgrove swapped war stories of how the eco-system between the agency | brand relationship was breaking down, they shared their experiences of burn out, layoff’s, low margins, the inability to never say no, missed vacations, loss […]

Top 5 2020 Digital Trends

Top 5 2020 Digitial Trends By: Dana Bakich, Positive Equation   Over the past couple of years, we’ve started to see a big transformation in how social media is utilized. With more people and brands online than ever before, the demand for our attention as consumers, donors, and brand advocates becomes harder and harder to attract and retain. With more people online, there’s also more data than ever before about our engagements and behaviors. Social data is the world’s largest business intelligence database. There’s a lot to be said about the future of social media and digital marketing. After working […]

Mt. Freelance: The Master Class for Creative Freelancers

Mt. Freelance

Strategic Partnership Announcement: Mt. Freelance & the bench   Hello Bench Readers, Hoping you are safe and healthy, staying home and not going too stir-crazy in this trying and difficult times. Andrew Dickson here, writing from Mt. Freelance.   If you are unfamiliar, Mt. Freelance is a course and community Aaron James and I created for creative freelancers. What are we doing writing on the bench blog? Well, we are excited to announce that we’ve partnered up. So we’re getting the chance to tell you a little bit about us and our program and why you might be interested. As […]