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Your company has fast moving projects of all sizes, and it’s often challenging to find the right team quickly. the bench breaks down the barriers between brands and talent to provide efficiency, expertise and flexibility. Your bench project lead hand-selects the perfect team, and runs the process for you from procurement through invoicing.

Brands save a minimum of 20% when leveraging the bench.

Why it’s different with

the bench


A traditional agency has full-time resources in house, and most agencies develop all-inclusive hourly rates that include salaries, payroll costs, and agency overhead, plus an agency fee designed to cover profit. At the bench, the rates charged go directly to the freelancer with no mark-up on line items and our fee covers our overhead and profit. When comparing the two models, brands save a minimum of 20% when leveraging the bench.


the bench concierge team curates the right resources on-demand for your unique project. We have a vetted roster of freelancers with a wide variety of expertise, unlike a traditional agency with a fixed team already on payroll.


Procurement can be lengthy, from locating the right resources to running them through the legal and administrative processes within your company. the bench takes that off your hands entirely.

Your Challenge
  • Traditional agency overhead can make them cost prohibitive
  • Internal red tape makes it difficult to hire independent contractors
  • A FTE staffing model cannot always provide the right expertise for the project.

the bench Solution
  • 20% cost savings compared to using a traditional agency
  • Ability to leverage freelancers
  • Better quality of work
  • Decreased co-employment & IC compliance risk.

Our Roster/

Our global roster of freelance talent is hand-picked based on our selective criteria for expertise and experience


Art Directors



Project Managers

Creative Directors




UX/UI Designers


PR Specialists

Brand Consultants

Brand Strategists

Data Analysts

Content Creators

Social Media Experts