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Freelancer Resource Guide

Taking the leap to freelancing can be a scary one, which is why we’ve put together a list of our top resources to help our freelance talent be the most successful.

Podcasts & Events

If you’re interested in tuning in to podcasts, or catching events, both virtual and live, check out some of our top picks below.

The Writers’ Co-Op: This is a business podcast, event series and Substack newsletter for freelance writers. The Writers’ Co-Op covers everything from starting your business to navigating contracts to finding new clients. ​

Freelancing With Tim: This is an event series and Substack newsletter for freelance journalists​.

STRTGST: An event series and newsletter for strategic thinkers in marketing and media​.

The Overthinkers: This is a strategy podcast which explores interesting business and growth conversations.

The Female Quotient: An event series promoting conversations about gender equality in marketing and media.

Newsletters, Blogs, & Forums

We all take our news in different ways these days, and we think these newsletters are great options for anyone looking to expand their job search and skillset.

Opportunities of the Week: A bi-weekly newsletter with jobs and opportunities for freelance journalists .

Study Hall: A listserv newsletter and online community for media workers with writing opportunities and insider tips​.

JournoResources: A blog that offers advice, resources and job opportunities for freelance journalists in the UK​.

The Freelancer’s Year: A blog on how to build your freelance writing business​.

The Freelance Content Marketing Writer: A Facebook group where freelancers ask questions and share advice.

Training Courses & Communities

Many of our freelancers are looking to switch industries or skill sets. Sharpen your toolbox with training courses from some of these online communities.

Mt. Freelance: A training course and podcast for freelancers. We previously had a collaboration between our two companies.

Sweathead: They offer training courses and community events for strategists​.

Chief: This is a private membership network of women executive leaders​.

The 3% Movement: An organization to increase the number of women and people of color in leading creative roles in marketing and media (because only 3% of creative directors are women)​.

Ladies Who Strategize: A private networking group for women in strategy​

ADCOLOR: A community organization advocating for people of color in advertising, tech and marketing​.

100 Roses From Concrete: This is a nonprofit supporting people of color in advertising and media​.

We Are Next: A great resource for students and junior talent starting careers in advertising and marketing.

Additional Resources

Here are a few other places to check out to assist with general thoughts and questions about freelancing across industries.

Strategy Starter Pack​

Who Pays Writers?​


Freelance Rates Database

If there are any resources you would like to see added, send us a message!