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3 Tips: How to Pick the Right Fractional Talent | By Jennifer Houston

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the way people work to change. Brands and agencies are seeing that you don’t need the big expensive office space and it might be a challenge to fill it even if you have it. Employees are saving 2-3hrs a day by not commuting in LA traffic and have proven that remote does not mean a sacrifice in quality of work. While employers are seeing potential cost savings in overhead.

The need for fractional talent is also on the rise; not all jobs are 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. With more and more industries going project-based, good leaders are moving to a fractional talent model. This provides on-demand experts while cutting overhead.

How do you pick the right fractional talent for a job?


Don’t pass on someone who you feel is overqualified.

  • In the land of freelance, there is no such thing as overqualified. If you can book a more talented person for the job at your price point you are ahead of the game, take the win!

Be very clear on the tasks and deliverables.

  • I can’t tell you the number of times a client thinks they need a Creative Director and when we get down to the nitty-gritty, they needed a 4D Motion Designer. Titles can be misleading, but by focusing on task you are more likely to hire who you need.

Don’t be cheap.

  • You get what you pay for and quality freelancers know their worth. In the end, if you find the right fit, but they are a bit out of your price range, pay them or negotiate. Placing the wrong person will cost you more money in the end.

Once you have secured the right talent, keep these two things in mind.


Stick to your timeline.

  • Freelancers set their schedules up based on your deadline, when dates and deliverables are pushed, you risk a freelancer having to rush to get the job done or start another gig before yours is complete. You want them to be 100% focused on your business, so run a tight ship.

Provide actionable feedback.

  • Most freelancers are working independently, so there is no one to give yearly reviews or feedback. So, at the end of the project ask if they would like a wrap call to review the process and the project. They will appreciate the time and the odds are you might learn something too.

Selecting the right fractional talent for each project is the key to efficient and effective work in the project-based economy.


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