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There is a control filp coming, are you ready?


You see a job online that you just know you qualify for. You run home, re-work your resume and cover letter, figuring out clever ways to make yourself standout. Then it’s the waiting game.

Great news! You have made it to the in-person interview round. Hurry up and wait! Then it’s another 2 interviews, meeting 10’s of different department heads to make sure you are a good culture fit.

Finally, if you are the “chosen one”, 8-10 weeks later, you’ll receive the offer letter. The negotiations go back and forth a few times and you have finally met in the middle and you have a signed employment letter.

In the past, the power of who works and who doesn’t has been held either by the agency or the brand. You see a lot of high-quality talent jump through dozens of hoops to check invisible boxes that have no bearing on how well they can to their job.

I predict all of this changing. I think there is a “control flip” coming and talent is going to have the edge up.


Control | The power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events

Flip | Turn over or cause to turn over with a sudden sharp movement

As work from home is becoming the rule instead of the exception – pair that with massive layoffs and furloughs, I’m seeing a lot of high-quality talent CHOOSING to go Freelance and stay Freelance.  It’s a win-win. They get to work on passion projects that they choose, when and where they desire. It beats out sitting at a desk for 10 hours, attending pointless meetings and finding ways to look productive just to play the brick and mortar game.  Freelancing allows for a much more desirable work-life balance.


Quality talent is learning the value of ‘NO’ and saying it more and more.  The hiring power is shifting to the worker vs. the hirer.  The new normal will be that talent has accepting power and brands and agencies better hope what they can offer is good enough for this talent pool to say YES. 

Brands are going to want high quality talent and now they have a global roster to choose from. With that being said, demand is high, and the good ones go fast.

When approaching freelance talent, here are the top 4 things to know if you want to book the best. 


  1. Come in hot with a competitive rate
    Freelancers know their worth and are running a business just like you. Pay them a fair rate and they will feel valued, which in turn allows them to focus on the work at hand…. Not how underpaid and undervalued they are.
  2. Stop Playing Games
    Stop with the insanity of saying, “well I have 6 candidates to talk to and I am going to need you to speak with XYZ before we can make a decision”.  Freelancers are smart and know all the tricks in the book. These tactics will not get you a lower rate, but it will get you a less qualified freelancer.
  3. Make quick decisions
    Freelancers are the new currency. They are in high demand. Don’t wait for red tape decisions to be made.  If they are a fit and available, BOOK THEM ASAP or they will say “yes” to someone else.
  4. Be open to doing things differently
    Professional freelancers are not submerged in one brand’s way of thinking. They have the ability to crosspollinate ideas from several different verticals to give you a fresh perspective and truly new ideas.

This control flip is on the fast train to reality.  The future of work is freelance. Are you ready for it? 

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  1. Jennifer Ott says:

    I love this. It’s so true and the balance of power is shifting. Great insights!

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