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Strategic Partnership Announcement: Mt. Freelance & the bench


Hello Bench Readers,

Andrew Dickerson

Andrew Dickson, Co-Founder of Mt. Freelance

Hoping you are safe and healthy, staying home and not going too stir-crazy in this trying and difficult times.

Andrew Dickson here, writing from Mt. Freelance.


If you are unfamiliar, Mt. Freelance is a course and community Aaron James and I created for creative freelancers.

What are we doing writing on the bench blog? Well, we are excited to announce that we’ve partnered up.

So we’re getting the chance to tell you a little bit about us and our program and why you might be interested. As well as share some resources for freelancers like you that can you use right now.

Aaron and I aren’t business experts or freelance professors so much as creative freelancers ourselves.

Aaron James

Aaron James, Co-Founder of Mt. Freelance

We first met at Wieden+Kennedy Portland over a decade ago.

I spent 7 years there as a copywriter and WK12 Director and have been freelance (again) for the past 6 years.

Aaron has been a freelance art director – and creative and commercial director –  for the better part of the past 12 years, and did an entire year freelancing at WK Portland.

We were partnered together a few years ago at another Portland agency, and over lunches talked about how often we got asked to coffee or a beer to share our tips and tricks on being freelance.


So we decided to share we know.


A full year of outlining and writing and filming and editing later, we debuted the 36 video course last summer.

Along with our private member-only Facebook community where members can ask questions, share advice, and even job leads.

So far so good.

We have members around the country and even a few around the world, from designers and creative directors to writers and editors to filmmakers and photographers, many with years if not decades of experience.


We recently connected with Sarah and Jenn and we realized we’re all essentially trying to do the same thing.


Help creative freelancers be more successful.

Whereas the bench helps freelancers find work, we’re helping people be better freelancers.

So it feels like a great partnership.


We know this is a challenging time to be freelance, so we’re offering Level 1 of Mt. Freelance up to you for free.


Level 1


It’s about a quarter of the overall course and covers a lot of the things freelancers can do right now to position themselves for when work picks up again.

We encourage you to jump in.

We also have a bunch of articles here on our blog.

And a new one on our Linkedin page speaking to what is happening right now and how we as freelancers can be proactive.

And if you are able to take the full course and join the community we’re extending a $300 discount to the bench readers and members.

Sound good?


Hang in there, stay safe and we wish you and yours the best in these stressful and anxious times.

And we hope to see you up on Mt. Freelance.


One final thing here is an article we posted on LinkedIn that addresses the current climate.

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